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Ice Cubes seems like a decent Mastodon client.

I have been trying out this Ice Cubes app for Mastodon that everyone has been on about. It is pretty nice, but I have a few gripes.

My main complaint is that if I have added filters to screen out posts on topics I’m not interested in, I don’t want to see a notification in the middle of the timeline that a post has been filtered; I want to see nothing at all. So far, I have been unable to find anything in the app preferences to change this functionality.

My other gripe is that my only options for displaying media attachments in the timeline is either to have the be large (which is ENORMOUS), or to have them be small. I guess I prefer the small, but then I get a weird a little left-aligned square that doesn’t look great either.

Still, these are relatively minor complaints and I mostly like the app. Is it good enough to make me switch away from Metatext? I’m not sure, but I am running both in parallel right now. I guess we’ll find out!

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