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Finished reading: Doctor Doom Vol. 1 📚

I’ve never read much Fantastic Four, so while I am familiar with Dr. Doom, I don’t know much about him aside from the basics. Since there seems to be a lot of chatter and speculation about when Doom may or may not show up in the MCU, I figured I should read up. Fortunately, I have a Unlimited subscription that I tend to forget about, so I read the whole run of this comic, which is only ten issues.

I enjoyed it. While there are some connections to the wider Marvel comics universe, I did not feel lost the way I often do when I try to read comics that are connected to all of these long-running characters, teams, and storylines. Doom is a pretty interesting character, and I felt like this book does a pretty good job of making him more complex than your average comic book supervillain. I liked the artwork as well, which is not something I can say about many recent Marvel comics I have tried to read.

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