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I miss the old movie theater intros.

There were only two movie theater chains in Indianapolis when I was growing up there. One was Lowes, the other was General Cinemas.

We mostly went to General Cinemas, because they operated the theaters at Lafayette Square, the mall closest to where I lived. That’s the theater where I saw all three of the original Star Wars movies when they came out. Also Raiders Of the Lost Ark, Romancing the Stone, and Sixteen Candles.

There was as a Lowes not too far from there as well, which we mostly went to for their $5 matinees. Among other things, I saw Tron, The Wrath Of Khan, and The Hunt For Red October there.

As a result, nearly every movie I saw as a kid started out with one of these two intros:

Watching them now is a straight shot of nostalgia. I think the General Cinemas one is my favorite—who can resist the psychedelic background and the crazy beat?—but the Lowes intro is pretty great too.

In distant third place is the Regal Cinemas roller coaster, a mainstay of most of the movies I saw in early-1990s Cleveland when I was in college:

On a side note, while there is definitely a lot of garbage on YouTube, I will be sad to lose stuff like this if it ever goes away.

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