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Intelligence v. knowledge

Genius Elon Musk is not so smart about Twitter:

VCs, serial entrepreneurs and valley technologists sometimes believe something like: “Only Gods like me can launch AI startups, sharing economy apps and robots. But anybody can make food.” And then they launch pizza robot companies, lab-grown meat companies and products like Soylent. (As if the problem with food is that it employs people… or involves actual food and meals and should be replaced with fake food and meal replacements.)

Intelligence doesn’t confer knowledge. Only study and experience does that.

TBH most of the crap that Musk says (and his army of toadies and bootlicks) reminds me of the stuff spouted off by the engineering majors who would show up in Phil 101 because they were required to take a few humanities credit. It was always snide remarks about how nothing mattered but math, or that ethics and epistemology were pointless BECAUSE SCIENCE.

They were about an inch deep, but always very sure of themselves.

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