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In which I am excited about new Metallica

I was pretty excited when I opened Music last night and a new Metallica single was the first thing that popped up. Ever since Load and St. Anger, I have been pretty nervous about new Metallica stuff. I don’t feel like the sold out or got lame or anything like that. It just seemed like they were going in a direction that I was not that interested in.

Good news, though! The new single is really good:

After listening to this track a few times (the full album is not out until April, sadly), I have gone back and pulled out my CD of Hardwired… to Self-Destruct, which I listened to a bunch when it first came out and then not much in the intervening six years.

I still enjoy this album, but I am reminded of my main complaint about it when it came out. There is an album’s worth of really good music on this album, but it is scattered across a double album’s worth of tracks. While there aren’t really any bad songs, at least half of them are mostly filler and fairly forgettable. Maybe what I need to do is create a playlist that is just the good stuff.

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