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I really appreciate this take on the changing of the clocks from James Reeves:

Changing the clocks should be the year’s biggest celebration with fireworks, parades, and gift-giving. Because if we can rearrange time, we can do anything we please. Invent new colors. Add more days to the week. Rewind the internet to 2005. Erase the borders on maps and replace money with hugs.

Here we have a case where we are taking time—one of the fundamental constants that we assume about the universe1—and by common agreement, just changing it. That’s great! I agree with James that we should do more of that.

On a side note, Reeves' blog is always one of the highlights of my RSS feeds, and I strongly recommend adding it wherever you manage your subscriptions.

  1. And no, I’m not talking about physics here, so please don’t start shouting at me about that. ↩︎

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