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eyeballs – The Homebound Symphony:

Which leads me to what I think is an important question: Is more visibility always good? Is having more eyeballs on your work invariably better for you than having fewer? People reluctant to leave Twitter seem to believe that whatever you have to say or show needs to be seen by as many people as possible; but I don’t agree. One reason I left Twitter is that I was tired of getting responses from people who were (a) incapable of reading, (b) angrily malicious, or (c) both.

I think these questions are exactly the ones we ought to be asking ourselves.

It seems like somewhere, the idea that feedback and constructive criticism can be helpful—maybe even necessary—in the creative process got turned into this notion that everything we do ought to be out there all the time, for everyone to see.

I can’t think of a worse thing you could do for the ideas you have then to expose them to every rando on the internet.

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