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The value of notes is in writing them, not reading them – Mike Crittenden:

I don’t understand the recent obsession second brains, zettelkastens, PKM, and connected thought tools like Roam and Logseq and Obsidian.

The writing of notes is 90% of the value for me. It crystalizes my thoughts and hammers the information into my brain. The other 10% comes from “hmm, what did we talk about the last time we had this meeting?”

I am 100% with Crittenden on this.

I won’t begrudge anyone their hobby of tinkering with their tool chain and trying out new apps, but I am utterly baffled as to the actual utility of such systems. While there have been times when I felt the appeal of having one of these intricate knowledge management systems, I realize fairly quickly that it is the look and idea of it that I like, not the thing itself. I see someone’s blog post or YouTube about this crazy system they have set up and it looks awesome, but in the end, what does it really do for them? What would it do for me?

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