I am listening to The KLF’s Come Down Dawn. It was released a year or two ago, and is a somewhat reworked version of Chill Out. The main difference seems to be that the unlicensed samples have been removed, replaced—I think—with muddied-up samples of other KLF songs.

My old bittorrented mp3 copy of Chill Out vanished when the power supply on the Netgear NAS in my office closet went up in smoke two years ago, so I am glad to have it available on the streaming services.

I will admit to thinking that there was something charming/appealing about these sorts of albums be hard to find, but what good is really served by that sort of artificial scarcity? It seems like elitist Record Shop Guy crankiness—”Kids these days have it so easy and they don’t appreciate good music anymore!” Who cares? It’s a good album and people should be able to listen to it.

Now if only they could make Space easier to get one’s hands on.

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Reading the news is depressing and I don’t want to do it anymore. One hears all the time about how people tend to get more conservative as they grow older. Pretty sure that’s not the case for me, but I do feel like I have both less energy for any sort of activism and less hope that anything I do will have much effect with each passing year.

I really thought I had the Comsat Angels’ Sleep No More on CD, but apparently not. I have now ordered it via Discogs.
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I’m glad to see that the tasks functionality in Office 365 remains just as weird and half-functional as it was in desktop Outlook fifteen years ago. It is a relief that some things never change.
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I feel like “…and then Boba Fett shows up riding a rancor!” is something my friends and I would have come up with while hopped up on caffeine and Doritos at a sleepover in 1984.
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I am about halfway through the audio version of J. Bradford Delong’s _Slouching Toward Utopia and I am really enjoying it. My only complaint is that the narrator sounds very similar to the person who reads the Diary Of a Wimpy Kid audiobooks that my kids are constantly listening to on Hoopla, to the point that I looked him up to see if it was the same person (it is not).

I wish more authors read their own audiobooks. It is not for everyone, I suppose, but I tend to enjoy an audiobook a lot more when it is the actual author reading it. I should note that my opinion here is limited to nonfiction; I mostly don’t like listening to fiction audiobooks and generally avoid them.

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