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As befits my age, I have been simultaneously amused and confused by this Dark Brandon business.

Fortunately, Paul Musgrave provides an excellent explanation and analysis of the meme:

Dark Brandon is the winking inverse not of Let’s Go, Brandon, but of the Trump-era Q memes. Instead of sincerely seeing Trump as some sort of crusader against adenochrome harvesting pedophiles on behalf of John Kennedy, Jr., (and, yes, that’s a real set of Q beliefs), Dark Brandon is a way of comically explaining the continually frustrating setbacks of ordinary governing by Middle-Class Joe as the distraction from the real, effective Darth Biden. It’s a joke that, until last week’s shocking string of successes, was born out of dismay at how little progress seemed to have been made on the major promises of the 2020 campaign—something especially frustrating given the seemingly enormous power that Democratic control of Congress should have conferred to enact Biden’s agenda.

Read the whole thing. It’s good!

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