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Thinking about my old blog

My blog prior to his one was built on Pelican. I had it set up so that all I had to do was a drop a Markdown file in a Dropbox folder which was shared to the ec2 instance I used for hosting. An incron job on the server kept an eye on the folder and would regenerate the website whenever there was a change to any of the files in the folder.

I really liked it because there was almost no overhead to writing a post, and the whole thing was super efficient.

What I didn’t like was having to deal with updating Pelican and Python on the server, and I was perpetually worried about Pelican being abandoned. When started up, I got interested in that, and started doing most of my online writing here, eventually firing up yet another Wordpress instance for hosting.

I miss using a static site generator, though. I wish there were a way to do that which did not involve running a server somewhere.

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