Satire that is not actually satire

Netflix seems to really want me to watch this Don’t Look Up movie. Watching the trailer when it arrived a while back was enough to convince me that I was not at all interested.

I feel like most of what bills itself as satire these days is not actually satire. From what I can tell, Don’t Look Up falls into this category. The comedy in this movie and others of its ilk does not call out or expose anything; it makes fun of a bunch of easy targets that its intended audience already knows and hates.

This kind of comedy—Family Guy and Andy Borowitz’s columns are other examples—takes no risks. It serves up the material it knows its audience wants.

  1. @petebrown A tweet I saw compared it to God’s Not Dead for liberals. I watched it on Saturday and I really can’t say how I felt about it, but it does beat you over the head a bit.

  2. Ripe for another discussion I guess!! It’s a movie; flawed. I think was far more multi layered & I loved so many of the tiny asides one could almost miss. This guy says “It serves up the material it knows its audience wants”….. wow—most entertainment & media does exactly that.

  3. If “this guy” may respond, I’m not criticizing the movie for being bad entertainment. I’ve spent far too much time watching Marvel and Star Wars movies to criticize movies for giving audiences what they want. My point is that it’s not really satire.

  4. Also, I haven’t actually seen Don’t Look Up, so maybe it’s great! The discussions I’ve seen around it put me in mind of the watering down of the term “satire” in general, which I probably ought to have been more clear about, so your pushback is fair.

  5. Oh wow…. With all due respect if you haven’t seen it…..then 100% of your perception is filtered through other people …which as we all know is always highly problematic. I’d say the wide ranging responses to this movie really indicates that everyone should see it for themselves

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