I will miss having The Expanse to watch. I should probably go back and start reading the books again. I got through the first few and enjoyed them, but the I found myself with two small kids and little attention or focus for anything.
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I am finally getting around to watching Midnight Mass on Netflix and it is so good.
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There is no magic solution to the problem of having a lot of things to do.

What It’s Like Working at a Large Company:

We’d love to do it all, but when you have 2,000 1 week tasks, that’s 2,000 weeks worth of work. When you account for code review and other work time, that’s probably 3,000+ weeks of dev man-hours. Even with an army of 100 devs, that’s still 30 weeks to do everything in our backlog.

I work at a large company—as well as several other large companies before this one—and Matt is 100% spot-on here.

The answer to this problem is either “Don’t have large companies,” or figure out how to accept it and move on. The former, while enticing, is probably not practical, so we’re stuck with the latter.

Satire that is not actually satire

Netflix seems to really want me to watch this Don’t Look Up movie. Watching the trailer when it arrived a while back was enough to convince me that I was not at all interested.

I feel like most of what bills itself as satire these days is not actually satire. From what I can tell, Don’t Look Up falls into this category. The comedy in this movie and others of its ilk does not call out or expose anything; it makes fun of a bunch of easy targets that its intended audience already knows and hates.

This kind of comedy—Family Guy and Andy Borowitz’s columns are other examples—takes no risks. It serves up the material it knows its audience wants.