Beyond Burgers are quite good as meatless patties go, but this is a shockingly wasteful amount of packaging. All of this for two burgers!

This is ridiculous.

I mean, I guess the stuff is at least recyclable, but this much waste is crazy.

  1. @petebrown Reducing is waaaay better than recycling! So much resources gone into creating and shipping then carting to recycling centre, then recycling, then carting to next life stage. Give them feedback! In Aotearoa New Zealand we can hardly recycle any plastic — we just don’t have the capacity. The world needs to massively reduce plastic.

  2. @Miraz 💯 Here in the States, most recycling is kind of a scam. It get loaded on trucks, then on trains, and then mostly ends up in landfills anyway. People got used to cheap, easy recycling back when it all got sold to China, and now they’ve come to expect that, unfortunately. I think recycling should be kind of expensive, but slightly less expensive than throwing stuff in the trash; otherwise, a bunch of folks will figure waste is fine as long as it can be recycled, and never do anything about reducing it.

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