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Dan Pfeiffer, on why the Left needs to stop overreacting to every stupid and offensive thing that right-wing nutbars say:

I understand the impulse. Ted Cruz is incredibly annoying. He is one of the most transparently cynical human beings to walk the planet. If the two most annoying people in your high school class had a child, that child would be Ted Cruz. But every reply, quote tweet, and clever dunk aids them and gives them the thing they strive for most: attention. Every time someone yells at Cruz online, it makes him happy because it means his strategy is working.

Whether it’s Cruz, Ben Shapiro, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, or the handful of Trump relatives who remain on Twitter, we must stop playing their game.

It’s time for liberals to stop being owned and start using their attention as a weapon.

I agree. Same goes by the Media Matters-fueled outrage about whatever the latest stupid thing some conservative state legislator has said.

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