One of my city councilors, at a recent meeting, wondering why a particular part of town hasn’t gotten municipal internet yet: “That’s just money and engineering!” Uh, money and engineering are two pretty big obstacles, and they can’t simply be waved away.
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Um, no—I don’t think so.

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I have been troubleshooting and fixing computer problems since the early 1990s, and I can say with assurance that nothing is as frustrating as trying to figure out why one of my kids can’t connect to my other kid’s world on Minecraft.
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First the goals, then the plan.

I like Biden’s climate goals. They’re probably too conservative, but we have to start somewhere.

I am amused (but not surprised) by the “BUT WHERE ARE THE DETAILS?!” responses. If you wait to announce your goals until you’ve got all the details figured out, everyone will shout about how you’re not doing anything. But if you announce your goals first, everyone will shout about how you have no plan.

And really, the Biden administration can put out all the details they want, but that doesn’t solve the problem of obstructionist Republicans in Congress.

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80/20’ing your meetings – Mike Crittenden

I’m a big fan of the Pareto principle. I’m also a big fan of Sturgeon’s law. Both of them boil down to the same idea: most of the value of a set of things comes from a small portion of that set.

Take meetings, for example. There are two ways you could take this:

Both of those are debatable in practice, but it’s a fun exercise in intense intervention.

While I agree in theory, I think the problem with this sort of approach is that, while—per Sturgeon—90% of everything may be crap, you don’t know which 10% is the good stuff until you’ve gone through it all.

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Against “Feel Free To Take Some Time If You Need It” – Culture Study:

Productivity maintenance becomes a means to prove your fitness for the future, and, as such, your value as an employee: you have the skills, the fortitude, and the control over your immediate environment to work through the inevitable catastrophes and demands of the market. Whatever shit the world throws at you, the work endures. It’s not that you want to be a heartless robot; it’s that the market is hostile to those who aren’t, no matter what your manager assures you. The manager’s crisis refrain of “feel free to take some time, if you need it” is fundamentally a sorting question: are you someone who needs it or are you someone who can ignore that you do?

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Dog Man books are the worst books.
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