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So it’s back to this then, is it?

The second half of last week brought warm temperatures and sunny days. We were able to get the bikes out of the shed, go see friends (masked and socially distanced, of course) at the playground, and even hang out a bit in back yards.

“Right,” I found myself thinking, “this is the sort of thing I realized back in October that I was really going to miss,” on top of all the other stuff I was already missing because it had all been cancelled or made impossible by the pandemic. I knew the winter would be difficult, and it was.

Now spring is around the corner, and we are starting to get tantalizing hints of what life might be like again at some point.

Sadly, yesterday brought gusting winds and a sharp drop in temperatures. I woke up early this morning (thanks for nothing, Daylight Saving Time!) to 30mph winds, fourteen degrees, and a windchill somewhere below zero. The sun is out, at least, but the temperature outside has so far only gotten up to 18F.

We are supposed to see highs in the fifties by the end of this week. What’s funny is that, were it not for last Thursday and Friday’s t-shirt weather, 55F would seem great.

I know the warmer days will come—just like I know that at some point, we will all be vaccinated and can start doing things again—but it is hard to wait.

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