I really don’t understand why I still see “I miss Google Reader” comments from otherwise smart and sensible people. There are a bunch of really good RSS apps and services available these days, all of them under regular, active development.

You don’t need Google. Stop wishing they would do this or that, or add a feature you’d like, or continue supporting an app you use, or fix a bug that annoys you. They don’t give a crap about you or how well their products work for you. They just want your data so they can sell it.

  1. @petebrown I’ve used I think 3 different RSS readers since Google Reader went away. They all work fine and do everything I ask for, certainly everything that Google Reader did. Maybe the “otherwise smart and sensible people” just aren’t aware of how their attention has migrated to things like Facebook?

  2. @JMaxB Possibly. I feel like statements like “I miss Google Reader” may also represent a broader wish that RSS had taken off more and been adopted more broadly by the public.

  3. @petebrown Google Reader was the Twitter of RSS: a monolith with social features and an open (though not published, apparently) API. It was the only choice a lot of users had ever heard of. Through inertia alone it would probably still be the top RSS aggregator if Google hadn’t stupidly killed it. I prefer the current federated nature or RSS aggregators and apps, though. Recently I looked at screenshots of Google Reader web UI, and it doesn’t hold up at all. It was worse than I had remembered it.

  4. @mjdescy Fair. I can imagine a universe in which some big platform builds an RSS app that tons of general web users use without really having to think about it too much, and that maybe being good for the ecosystem. Sadly, in this universe, it was Google that did it.

  5. @petebrown Yes! Google is such a frustrating company. Why did it have to be them. They kill far too many of their products and half-assedly support the ones they keep around.

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  • OK OK I get it. However nothing will ever compare to the original design of reader. Although Miniflux comes awfully close.