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On weather, winter, and changing climates – Going Medieval:

A nice way to be connected with our past would be to know that we are reliably experiencing the same meteorological conditions as our ancestors did. That is very clearly not the case. We are now changing the environment around us at an unprecedented rate, and unlike the Northern Europeans who were able to build a sustainable new environment which benefited their community as a whole, the incidental damage we are doing to our world in order to create surplus value for a couple of extremely wealthy people serves no greater good. We are sleepwalking away from the world that existed for thousands of years, with little thought to what that means to our lives and society. What I hope you will take away from this post is that changes in temperature have the ability to precipitate change for the good, but they can also lead to massive problems. It would be nice if we could consider that, and maybe do something about climate change, if only because I would like to see some snow once in a while.

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