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Trump is a sad, desperate, pathetic con artist who has come to expect that he can bully and bluster his way out of any tight spot. No one should be surprised that he is pulling out all his sorry, whiny stops now that he is looking at the end of his last con.

That said, even I am shocked listening to the recording of his bananas call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Trump is belligerent, incoherent, and rambling. He is clearly trying to sound tough and threatening, but he comes off sounding like someone who watched a few Sopranos episodes and now fancies himself a fearsome gangster. You can practically hear the eye-rolling, “Can you even believe this guy?” looks that must have been passing back and forth between Raffensperger and his office legal counsel on the call.

I mostly still tend to think that, despite all of his huffing, puffing, and kicking-up of dust, Trump will leave office on January 20. Nonetheless, stuff like this call gives me pause. As Josh Marshall notes, the call indicates that Trump still holds on to the idea that he can remain in office. As with everything Trump does, there is no strategy here, aside from “What will get me through the next hour?” However, he is clearly desperate, and desperate people can be dangerous. another weblog