While it doesn’t rise to the level of a resolution, I should spend more time playing with my Volca Beats. It’s a nifty little piece of hardware.
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I found this lying in the middle of the street while out for my run. It’s a nice way to end the year.

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Is there a way to not have Ulysses open the WordPress admin in a browser tab after I publish a post? Because I don’t need it to, and it’s really annoying.

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The cellular radio in my phone died a few days ago. Fixing it would have been nearly half the cost of a new phone, so I decided to go for a new phone. I’d been four years on an iPhone 7, so it seemed like a good time to upgrade.

I’ve gone with an iPhone 12 Mini and I am pretty happy with it. The regular 12 is just way too big. I’m not crazy about FaceID so far and I miss the home button, but I imagine I will get used to both soon enough. Otherwise, it seems like a pretty nice device, and I am quite happy with the smaller form factor.

The guy at the Apple Store seemed surprised that I did it want the larger phone and asked why I picked the Mini instead. I guess I must be in the minority in wanting something smaller and lighter.

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Whenever I see a YouTube link for for something like “How to fold a fitted sheet” or “The best way to put on a duvet cover,” I assume it’s just that crazy guy who throws eggs at the burners his stove and ends up throwing everything in the trash at the end.
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I don’t tend to be much of a pencil snob, but these Amazon Basics pencils that my kids’ school gives out are GARBAGE.
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It’s kind of crazy how Kurasawa’s sequence of a guy walking through the woods is more visually interesting than 99% of any other movies.
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Nullboard seems kind of neat, although I am pretty happy with my planning/to-do process, and have mostly reached the point where tool-switching doesn’t hold much interest for me.
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I have reached the point in life where I can admit to myself that after taking a spoonful of tomato paste out of a new can, I should just throw the rest in the trash, rather than covering the can with a bit of aluminum foil, putting the can in the fridge, finding it covered in mold eight months later, and then throwing it out.
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