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Lots of people seem to really like The Caretaker, but I am unpersuaded.

I’m listening to The Caretaker’s An Empty Bliss Beyond This World. I have never heard of the guy before—nor listened to any of his stuff—but ran across a reference to him in a review of the new William Basinski album.

So far, it seems like he takes snippets of vintage music recordings, loops them, and layers a bunch of hiss, crackles, and distortion over them. That’s it.

And yet, the guy seems to have churned out tons of this stuff. I am generally not one to look down my nose at anyone’s art, and judging from the reviews and the YouTube comments, a lot of people seem to *really like his work. I guess it’s just not for me me, or else I’m missing something.

The new William Basinski album, however, is very good.

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