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Wordpress is annoying, and yet I keep coming back to it.

My morning:

  1. Oh fine, Wordpress. I will finally do something about the "Upgrade PHP" message you've been giving me for weeks.
  2. Remember that when I set up the site a few years ago, I did it on Lightsail using the Bitnami Wordpress stack for the sake of expediency.
  3. What's that you say? I can't just upgrade PHP in a Bitnami stack installation?
  4. Spin up entirely new Lightsail instance with the current Bitnami Wordpress stand and then spend an hour migrating the site to the new instance.
  5. Fire up the new site, iron out a few bugs, and then discover that the PHP version is still out of date, although at least not as out of date as it was on the old instance.

It’s stuff like that this that makes me want to shovel Wordpress into the bin. It’s overly complicated for my purposes, and my site would run fine on a much simpler flat-file CMS.

Then I think of how I keep ending up back on Wordpress.

I went through a probably five years of being fascinated with flat-file CMSs and tried a bunch of them. They are cool, but I always run into some weird template problem I can’t figure out, or development on the project withers away and I’m left with some legacy site that doesn’t keep up with security and functionality updates.

Then I go back to Wordpress.

Technology is terrible.

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