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Trump is a loser.

Don’t Cower | Talking Points Memo:

I’ve seen plenty of comments today on the order of “That’s the law? Since when does Trump follow the law?” “You think now he’s going to start paying attention to the constitution?” I understand everyone is afraid. But this is loser talk. I’ve been saying for months – along with so many others – that this Fall will be an ordeal of democracy. Perhaps one of the greatest threats our Republic has ever faced from internal enemies. But the truth is that the values and reflexes that make liberals and Democrats support things that will make society more just and humane lead them to react to moments like these with outrage and trembling more than mockery and power. I can only suggest people not fall back into themselves. All of this comes from Trump’s weakness rather than strength. A sinking ship. The answer in any trial of strength or right is to maintain the initiative rather than cower.

Things are bad, and they will get worse between now and January. That has always been the case, and pretty much everything since January of 2017 has been about harm reduction and least-bad options.

That said, Trump is a loser. He’s on the run from his creditors (both literal and figurative), and he knows it. He’s a cheap con artist surrounded by fools and sycophants.

While I do not want to understate the dire situation currently facing this country, we do ourselves no favors by freaking out. Stay mad and stay outraged, but stay calm. We can win.