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“We blew it.”:

The question being asked right now is “When can we do X?” The question that we should be asking and solving for is: “What are the conditions needed to do X, and what do we need to do now to make those conditions happen?” If we want kids in school, if we want students on campus, if we want live sports, then we need to clamp down on community spread. That means massive increases in testing. That means massive expansion of PPE distribution. That means aggressive and prompt contact tracing. That means making isolation a non-ruinous proposition for working families. That means a ton of hard work. But the choice is either doing the hard work to get what we want, or not doing the hard work, seeing massive suffering and not getting what we want.

And if you think kids (and teachers) need to stay home this fall, then you should still be thinking about what needs to happen in order for that to be practical.