The Lincoln Project

They make good ads, and I am happy to see pretty much anyone punching Trump at this point.

That said, I am bothered by their focus on Trump as the problem.

Trump is an acute symptom of much deeper problems that have been growing on the American right for decades. He needs to be voted out of office, to be sure, and I welcome help in that effort from the conservatives behind the Lincoln Project.

However, I hope that, past this November’s election, they will be taking a hard look at the decisions that led their movement and party to its current sorry state.

PRO-TIP: Take all of the imagination and creativity you demonstrated in coming up with your convoluted, bad-faith argument for why you refuse to wear a face mask, and apply it instead to thinking about what it might be like to be a person of color in American society, or to ways we could deal with public safety issues that do not involve sending in bunch of guys with guns and armor.

Great, but what about Wisconsin and Arizona?

This NYT article
“Biden Takes Dominant Lead as Voters Reject Trump on Virus and Race” would be a lot more reassuring if we elected Presidents by a national popular vote.

I am many, many paragraphs into the article, and there has been no mention at all of whether this pattern holds in the swing states that will actually decide the election.

This sort of thing is bad journalism.

Eschaton: Owning The LIbs:

These people who aren’t wearing masks specifically to OWN THE LIBS, the plague spreading version of rolling coal, are deeply fucked up individuals. Like most efforts to OWN THE LIBS it doesn’t make us mad the way they think it does, because we actually aren’t the triggered-by-stupid-shit snowflakes they imagine we are. It makes us a bit worried that people are going to die and the whole damn country is going to collapse into the hellmouth.

Juneteenth should be a federal holiday.

No More Excuses — It’s Time To Declare Juneteenth A Federal Holiday:

In a moment when America is facing deep divisions on almost every issue imaginable, Juneteenth provides an opportunity for all Americans acknowledge, together, the past, present, and future of America’s Black community. It took over two and half years for the men and women who were enslaved in Texas to learn that they had been freed. With that in mind, we can not wait another moment to create a day that all Americans can dedicate to demonstrating that the legacy of emancipation is not only an aspect of history, but also a call to action. Making Juneteenth a federal holiday would help do exactly that.