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Twitter threads suck and I refuse to read them.

Alan Jacobs hits the nail on the head regarding Twitter threads:

When you write a Twitter thread, what you are telling me is that you don’t care about your own ideas enough to articulate and display them in a proper venue. And if you don’t have respect for your own ideas, you certainly can’t expect me to. You don’t have to create a blog of your own to post something to the web. You can use a free service like Rentry — I used to recommend also but I think it’s dead. You can even do what the celebs do and write something in Apple Notes, screenshot it, and tweet it as an image. There are a hundred ways to post longer-than–280-characters writing to Twitter, and when you write threads you are choosing the very worst one.


Whenever I see “1/x”, it tells me that you couldn’t be bothered to structure your thoughts before spewing them out into the void, or to go to the effort of writing them all in one place. It is disrespectful to readers, and not worth my time to try to track down the whole thread.