Everyone — especially Bernie Sanders — owes Elizabeth Warren for her Bloomberg TKO |

Warren’s skillful Bloomberg disembowelment was clearly gratifying for many people other than myself, as evidenced by her campaign’s report that this debate provided her single best hour of fundraising. But as exciting as it may be to imagine the entire race being reshuffled because of her debate performance, we’ve been down this path before. This is how it goes: Warren wins the debate; people love her and say she’s their second choice. But stymied by sexist fears instilled by cable news pundits who protest that someone, somewhere, may find a woman unelectable, too many people still hesitate to vote for her. 

Instead, this is likely to be one of those cases where a woman does the work and a man reaps the benefits, with the man in this case being Bernie Sanders. He’s clearly in the lead after the Iowa and New Hampshire contests, but not by much. There’s still a risk that panicky voters decide he is also not electable and go with someone else instead. But thanks in large part to Warren’s takedown in Vegas, Bloomberg’s ability to muscle in and intimidate voters into thinking he’s got the juice has been significantly damaged. Which just helps clear the field even more for Sanders to pull ahead. 

Perhaps the more toxic members of Sanders’ fanbase, who have been tweeting snake emojis at Warren in recent weeks, should instead feel some gratitude and tweet something more appropriate at her. I recommend the heart-eyes cat emoji.