I will say again that I really wish Handoff worked for Apple Music back and forth between my phone and my laptop. I would love to be able to be listening to something on my laptop and then quickly switch to listening to it on my phone.

And no, I am not interested in some convoluted solution using Shortcuts or whatever.

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I just started using the Nanami Seven Seas Writer journal I bought a few years ago, and I like it quite a bit. I think I should probably need to get some sort of cover for it, though, as I am not sure it will hold up to be carried around for any extended period of time. At 480 pages, I imagine I will be using it for quite some time.
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How Schopenhauer’s thought can illuminate a midlife crisis | Aeon Ideas:

Schopenhauer’s picture of human life might seem unduly bleak. Often enough, midlife brings with it failure or success in cherished projects: you have the job you worked for many years to get, the partner you hoped to meet, the family you meant to start – or else you don’t. Either way, you look for new directions. But the answer to achieving your goals, or giving them up, feels obvious: you simply make new ones. Nor is the pursuit of what you want pure agony. Revamping your ambitions can be fun.

Still, I think there is something right in Schopenhauer’s dismal conception of our relationship with our ends, and that it can illuminate the darkness of midlife. Taking up new projects, after all, simply obscures the problem. When you aim at a future goal, satisfaction is deferred: success has yet to come. But the moment you succeed, your achievement is in the past. Meanwhile, your engagement with projects subverts itself. In pursuing a goal, you either fail or, in succeeding, end its power to guide your life. No doubt you can formulate other plans. The problem is not that you will run out of projects (the aimless state of Schopenhauer’s boredom), it’s that your way of engaging with the ones that matter most to you is by trying to complete them and thus expel them from your life. When you pursue a goal, you exhaust your interaction with something good, as if you were to make friends for the sake of saying goodbye.

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The fact that this is my initial experience of a website really says a lot about the state of the modern web.

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Ice skating complete, tomato soup is under way.

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On the topic of journals, I just noticed that Elemental has another run of Iodine journals available. I got one last time around, and liked it—hard to go wrong with Tomoe River paper. My only complaint is that I wish it had an elastic band to hold it closed.
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