The press really seems to be working overtime to convince me that Don Imus was not an asshole.

Call it “boundary-pushing” if you want, but his public appeal was that he made fun of and was a jerk to people who did not look like his listeners.

  1. @petebrown I shudder to think what they’d write about, say, Stalin or that other guy, were they to die now. “Don’t speak ill of the dead” (which needed a disclaimer, anyway) has apparently now become “whitewash at will”…

  2. @simonwoods “They’re nice, polite people, just like you and me…” …Except, you know, unrepentantly and virulently racist. (I had to stop reading that article a couple paragraphs in, as my stomach began to turn and I wondered what less discerning brains might imprint from it…)

  3. @petebrown Very true. Not sure where all the revisionist history is coming from, but I never felt welcome or included by Imus and any of his work.

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