1. @petebrown Good essay. And definitely one of my all-time favourite best shows. I’ve rewatched several times (though not always all of Season 5).

  2. @petebrown I got through it once, not sure I could ever watch all five seasons again, but I do kinda wish for a premium channel reboot with a better budget and cast (mostly to fix the worst of the cringe-y moments)

  3. @SciPhi The production values and effects are a product of their times and there are some dodgy performances to be sure. I think I’m able to overlook a lot of that maybe as a result of having first watched the series when it originally aired.

  4. @petebrown And it was literally hard to follow. Every week I’d check TV Guide to see what day and time the local affiliate had move it to—which often was 2:30am on a weeknight.

    I learned how to program a VCR for Babylon 5. The kids with their streaming these days have it easy!

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