I just finished reading Abigale Hall by Lauren Forren. It is a poorly written book, and you should not waste your time on it. The only reason I read it through to the end is that I was stuck with it on an airplane.
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At the mines

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Good times: Explaining Southwest boarding procedures to a 5yo and 9yo
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Saturday morning at the Hartford airport is pretty mellow.
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When metaphors collide: “It’s not great, but it’s not the end of the day.”
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Doc Searls Weblog · Dear @WashingtonPost:

Let’s also be clear about the myth, spread by the “interactive” (aka “relevant” and “interest-based”) advertising business, that the best online advertising is also the most targeted. That’s not the kind of advertising that made Madison Avenue, created nearly every brand you can name, and has sponsored publishers and other media for the duration. Instead it’s the goal of direct marketing, aka direct response marketing. Both of those labels are euphemistic re-brandings that the direct mail business gave itself after the world started calling it junk mail. Sure, much (or most) of the paid messages we see online are called advertising, and look like advertising; but as long as they want to get personal, they’re direct marketing.

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Logitech Keys2Go keyboard, a year or two later

I got one of these Logitech Keys2Go keyboard a couple years ago. While it is definitely not the best typing experience in the world, I really like how I can toss it in my bag and use it in pretty much any condition and not worry about it getting damaged.

My only gripe is the weird ripples that have formed in the material that covers the keyboard. It doesn’t affect the functionality at this point, but I imagine it will probably get worse over time.

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