The 8yo just now: “I feel like I have a pretty good brooding voice. Do you want to hear it?”
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Introducing the 8yo to the synthesizer may have been a mistake…
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Can we talk for a moment about the fact that Trump and his various boot-lickers spent the last few days peddling obviously doctored videos of Nancy Pelosi. Prior to that, Trump went on live TV accusing his critics of treason, even after a reporter pointed out to him that one of the penalties for treason is death. Then he gave his Attorney General the power to declassify intelligence if it help them go after the various investigations into his campaign and administration.

And that was all just this week. This is madness, and meanwhile, we have ourselves wrapped around the axel of whether or not impeachment is politically viable.

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The new Sebadoh album is out today. I’m listening to it and you should, too.
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I am tired of pollen.

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My local city council votes tonight on the FY2020 municipal budget. Hoping they override the Mayor’s budget and fully fund the schools, avoiding layoffs, bus-route eliminations, and program cancellations.

That’s a short-term fix, though. If we do t fix a bunch of structural problems—only a few of which are local—we will be having this same discussion this time next year.

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And so it has come to this…

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I have been listening to a lot of American Music Club’s albums the last few days. This Apple Music station is just what I was looking for this morning. AMC, Lush, Nick Drake, Built To Spill, Afghan Wigs… I have likes basically every single track that has come on.
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