I was eating breakfast at the hotel buffet this morning and noticed that, despite stacks of glasses and ceramic mugs next to the coffee and juice, every single other person at breakfast was drinking from a disposable cup. This sort of thing makes me despair of ever changing these sorts of behaviors at scale.
  1. @petebrown Seems like an easy way to force movement in that scenario is to remove the disposable cups (or have them behind a request to a staff member, if you need something to-go, or something smaller/safer for children, etc.). As Brent and Daniel pointed out last week, all we need to do is start with a small step, and eventually that will scale up/snowball/etc.

  2. @smokey @petebrown On Friday nights we often go with friends to the local Cossie Club for dinner. I ask for “lemon, lime and bitters from the tap, no straw”. One of the workers always takes out a plastic straw, stirs the drink with it then bins the straw. Annoying!

  3. @rmcrob True, of course. I doubt anywhere else here in provincial NZ would do any better. I’m not picking that one as a battle for the moment, but it is a source of friction. Other workers there respect my no straw wishes.

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