From an old i09 retrospective on Deep Space Nine:

Thanks to being added to Netflix, Deep Space Nine is currently experiencing a renaissance. “Binge-watching is the best thing that ever happened to Deep Space Nine,” Behr enthuses, “it’s made the show accessible in the way it was meant to be seen.” But beyond its binge-watch potential, Visitor has a different theory about the show’s new heyday. “We might as well be on a space station now, with a bunch of aliens shoved together, and we all have opinions and problems, and everyone thinks they’re right. I think it speaks to now.”

I hadn’t thought about it that way before, but I think Visitor is exactly right.

Also, DS9 is the best Trek, and I still wish they would figure out some way in the current continuity to have the Prophets send Sisko back to resolve some huge crisis confronting the Federation and the wider galaxy.