Maybe not the best storytelling choice in 2019: Writing a key episode of your fantasy series such that thousands of people of color get mowed down as cannon fodder so that the almost entirely white heroes can hole up inside the castle.
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You can have an otherwise great presentation, but if you embed a video in it (especially a clip from someone else’s talk), I will tune out almost immediately.
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I’m a pretty big Game Of Thrones fan, but an hour and a half is too long for a TV episode, particularly one with unnecessarily long sequences of intense battles. Who needs this?
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Ugh. At least Monday doesn’t look awful.

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JESUS H. CHRIST, Joe Biden—this is not difficult. “I am sorry for my part in those hearings, and if I had it to do over again, I would do it differently, because I have listened to what women are saying and I have learned from them.” There. Is that so hard?

We should have listened to Anita Hill back then. We should listen to Anita Hill now.

This guy needs to get the hell out of the race.

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I’m spending some quality time this gloomy, rainy Friday afternoon listening to Craw:

I saw them play a few times at the old Euclid Tavern in Cleveland. They were a fantastic band—kind of like The Jesus Lizard, but smarter and more musically adept.

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I love my newest tee shirt.

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I was eating breakfast at the hotel buffet this morning and noticed that, despite stacks of glasses and ceramic mugs next to the coffee and juice, every single other person at breakfast was drinking from a disposable cup. This sort of thing makes me despair of ever changing these sorts of behaviors at scale.
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I have missed this beer.

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We have been at the zoo for over five hours now, and I am pretty sure I have closed my Strolling ring.
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