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Digby, talking about the prospect of impeaching Trump:

I have little hope that the Republicans will vote to remove him. It's possible that they'll sober up enough under the weight of their own issues with his policies and the evidence amassed by Mueller and the House Democrats. But at this point, I still wouldn't bet on it. If that's the case, then it will be up to the voters in 2020 to get the job done. But that should not suggest that impeachment is a waste of time. The Democrats must compile all the evidence against this president in one place. They must present that evidence to the American people in an impeachment indictment. And they must challenge the Republicans to fulfill their duty. If they refuse so be it. The American people will be the ultimate judge and jury in the next election. I think people like us overestimate the amount of in-depth knowledge most Americans have of this epic dumpster fire. They are busy, they have other interests, other concerns. We know the Fox and hate radio viewers are completely deluded by right-wing propaganda. But many others don't watch any news at all or just catch a few headlines. Some are inadvertently propagandized by sophisticated social media tactics from various nefarious actors. It's going to be up to the congress, the media and those of us who follow politics and current events with a discerning and informed eye to make sure the truth gets out over the next two years in a way that will make sense to the average person.

I think that last point is really important. For those of us swimming in this stuff all day long, it seems crazy that people wouldn’t be familiar with the details of Trump’s crimes, but I’d wager the majority of the country is not. They are going to need it laid out clearly for them.

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