This piece from Libby Copeland at Esquire turned up in my RSS feeds this morning. It’s about the 2012 school shooting in Chardon, Ohio:

The people of Chardon have had six years to think about what a young man named T.J. Lane did, and what it has done to them. They have different opinions about what could stop school shootings, opinions bound up in politics and ideologies and personal experiences. They have different accounts of what has helped them move on, when they’ve been able to. They know what parts of themselves they’ve been able to reclaim, and what parts belong forever to that day.

They know what life is like years after a shooting—and they know the anguish that will shape those years. Because there will be more school-shooting victims in America. The people of Chardon know this. We all know this.

It’s long, but worth reading.

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