Hello, Detroit.

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I will say again—it must be some pretty hardcore permission slips that the parents of these Magic Schoolbus kids have to fill out.
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The 8yo: “Our teacher played us a song the other day that she said was really popular when she was our age!”

I look it up for him, and it’s a Hillary Duff song from 2003.


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Well, I guess I’ve gone ahead and done this…

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Holy cats! It’s a beta version of Drafts for MacOS! I have been hoping for this for ages! I’m bummed that it doesn’t have Actions yet, but I get why they want to get Capture and Sharing buttoned down first.
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I’m generally a pretty big fan of Elizabeth Warren, and I am always glad to have her as one of my Senators.

Having said that, I think this DNA-test business is a huge mistake, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why she or anyone on her team thought it was a good idea.

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Myanmar’s Military Said to Be Behind Facebook Campaign That Fueled Genocide – The New York Times:

While Facebook took down the official accounts of senior Myanmar military leaders in August, the breadth and details of the propaganda campaign — which was hidden behind fake names and sham accounts — went undetected. The campaign, described by five people who asked for anonymity because they feared for their safety, included hundreds of military personnel who created troll accounts and news and celebrity pages on Facebook and then flooded them with incendiary comments and posts timed for peak viewership.

Perhaps it “went undetected” because this sort of malign usage is indistinguishable from Facebook’s core business model.

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I think these Field Notes notebooks may have finally won me over. They seem to have replaced my index-card-and-binder-clip plan for carry-around note taking purposes.
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Music recommendation for a cold, rainy day

Someone came up to me with questions the minute I walked into the office this morning. I ended up missing my usual first half-hour that I spend sorting out my plans for the day, and I was thrown off for the rest of the morning.

Making matters worse is the weather, which started out cold and has now added rain. It is damp and dreary, weather which I find utterly uninspiring and demotivating.

I went looking for some music that might help me concentrate on getting through a document I needed to review, and I ran across Brian Eno’s 2017 album Reflection:

If you like ambient music, I highly recommend it. It suits the mood of the day outside, and while it hasn’t made me power through the stuff I need to get done, I at least feel more focused than I did when the day began.

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Oh man—this one’s gonna hurt. First time over seven miles since I don’t even know when.

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