nvAlt keeps asking me whether I want to delete this file across all of my devices in the midst of me typing in the file itself. I can cancel and it’s fine, but it is getting annoying.


  1. @petebrown I think that’s a Dropbox thing. I’ve been seeing that with other apps that use Dropbox. But only recently, so I guess it must be a new feature. And yes: annoying.

  2. @kaa Oh man I almost forgot about The Archive. Love it. I kind of dropped it once I started using Emacs, but I can see it making a comeback.

  3. @petebrown @rnv one of the reasons I almost completely stopped relying on Dropbox. I lost some files, and others got reverted to some previous known, and sometimes unknown state. Dropbox has had this issue on and off for a few years now.

  4. @jeremycherfas I’ve tried FSNotes but The Archive is a much more polished app. Also the dev Christian is a pretty responsive guy. Couple of suggestions I made got converted very quickly.

  5. @oyam I’d been thinking of stepping away from Dropbox for a while, and your comment has inspired me to investigate alternatives. I’ve been trying pCloud for the last hour or so, and I like it so far, but do you have any other recommendations?

  6. @rnv @oyam I dream of one day removing my reliance upon Dropbox but that isn’t happening yet. If none of my iOS apps used Dropbox for syncing (e.g. 1Writer, beorg, etc.) I’d be golden. For things that don’t require Dropbox I’ve had great luck with Syncthing

  7. @rnv Not really, to be honest… I use iCloud quite a bit (have family account, so forced to pay for storage, so why not use it…). Other than that, just my own rolled solution. I still use iOS Transmit combined with the Files app – some stuff goes to S3, some on WebDav, and some via sftp.

    I don’t really like the idea of centralized repository of files like Dropbox insists on, so this way I get to send the files where I need them to be.

    Also, I have a Synology NAS, which has a similar cloud storage solution, but it stores stuff on your own NAS (even if you’re off your network). I’d bet competing products have similar functoinality.

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