From the very end of a story in today’s NYT:

Mr. Weisselberg’s loyalty to Mr. Trump stood out in a recent deposition he gave for a lawsuit against the Trump Foundation. Filed last month by Barbara Underwood, the New York State attorney general, the lawsuit accuses Mr. Trump and his adult children of improper political coordination with the presidential campaign and other illegal conduct.

One morning in January 2016, Mr. Weisselberg recalled, he was abruptly asked to fly to Iowa with the foundation’s checkbook for a campaign event that also served as a fund-raiser for veterans. He raced through a dental appointment to make the plane that same evening.

He started to explain why the checkbook was necessary, saying, “In case there was any money being collected, which I thought was … .” Then he broke off, saying simply: “It doesn’t matter what I thought. He’s my boss. I went.”

You thought it was what, exactly, Mr. Weisselberg? Improper? Illegal? Please do go on.

If the Southern District keeps the pressure on, he’ll flip. They all will, because Trump has no friends.