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David Atkins, “Putin, Trump and the New Cold War Between Liberalism and White Supremacy”:

Conservatives do not recognize the legitimacy of a United States that is not run by rich conservative Christian white men, on behalf of rich conservative Christian white men. An America that respects the rights and interests of women, racial and religious minorities and that protects and defends the unfortunate from the predations of Ayn Rand’s WASPy ubermenschen becomes something alien and other for them. Trump’s disdain for traditional European allies and criticism of non-white immigration into the continent reflects a broader sentiment on the far right worldwide that Europe has fallen and is no longer recognizable as Europe. It should come as no surprise, then, to see conservatives calculate openly that treasonous collusion with Russia to install a right-wing autocratic regime in the United States is defensible to prevent the nation from becoming a minority-majority nation with universal healthcare–a country that they would no longer recognize as the United States. Tucker Carlson came close to stating this outright when he said just days ago that “Mexico is routinely interfering in our elections more effectively than Russia by packing our electorate.” Within a space of months or years, you can expect to see Republican politicians muse aloud over whether we ought to be defending white conservative Russia from an overrun Europe, rather than the other way around. another weblog