Aside from being obviously and hilariously corrupt, Scott Pruitt also seems pretty dumb.

Several paragraphs into the NYT article about Scott Pruitt’s resignation :

An individual close to Mr. Pruitt said that one particular story in recent days appeared to have hurt him in the eyes of the president: a report this week that Mr. Pruitt had asked President Trump to fire Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, so that Mr. Pruitt could run the Department of Justice instead.

It was an idea that Mr. Pruitt had pitched to the president some seven months ago, according to a person close to the president. And while White House aides were opposed, the idea had stayed with Mr. Trump for several weeks and he would occasionally ask advisers whether it was a good idea, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

  1. @rnv True, but Pruitt’s stuff seems particularly petty and dumb. I can’t help but laugh every time I read a reference to his wife and the Chik-fil-a franchise.

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