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Donald Trump makes terrible deals.

Kevin Drum has some thoughts about Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un:

So far, Kim Jong Un has gotten a summit that treated him as an equal on the world stage. He’s gotten an end to US-ROK military exercises. He’s gotten the United States to ignore his appalling human rights record. And he’s gotten lots of new leverage in his relationship with China. Donald Trump has gotten—nothing. Actually, that’s not quite right. He’s gotten less than North Korea has promised other presidents in previous negotiations. There was only the vaguest gesture toward ending its nuclear program. There was no promise of a testing moratorium. There was no promise of a development moratorium. There was no mention of “tangible” or “irreversible” or “permanent,” all of which had been previous US demands. This. Is. Fucking. Nuts.

I agree with Drum, and it’s why I have no time for the right-wing whiners shouting about how Democrats refuse to give Trump any credit for bringing North Korea to the table.

North Korea has been trying to get a sit-down with the United States for decades. Now they have found an easy mark in Trump, who will happily give away the table if he thinks it makes him look good.

So now Kim has gotten to strut around the world stage, looking like he isn’t the backwards dictator of the poster-child for failed states, and all for basically zero concessions.

It’s no wonder every business Trump has ever run has failed and he has gone bankrupt multiple times. He is terrible at this, just like he is terrible at everything else.

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