1. @petebrown agreed. Just bought myself a new Leuchtturm today . none of the other notebooks on offer was remotely close in quality and simplicity. Ugly covers, ugly “artisanal” paper.

  2. @petebrown @jack I’ve been a long time user of classic Moleskine books (A5) with plain pages. While I’ve been very happy with the books and the paper, I’ve heard a lot about the Leuchtturm books around here, and I’ll give them a go next time I need a new book. Interested to see what the difference is, other than page count (Leuchtturm has about 60 more pages). From website photos and descriptions they seem very similar.

  3. @oyam I’ve tried a few different Moleskines and have always been disappointed with the paper. They seem fine for ballpoint, but too much feathering and bleed-through when I use a fountain-tip.

  4. @oyam I get them mostly for the numbered pages and built-in index. Many people claim the paper is night-and-day better than Moleskine’s but I find it only to be marginally better. Doesn’t hurt to try one!

  5. @petebrown Ah ok, that make sense. I usually use pencil, gel ball (Pilot gtec), or ink felt (Sakura Micron) pens. All at pretty thin sizes, so bleeding/feathering would be minimal/non-existent.

  6. @jack I don’t tend to number pages, and I made a squared template with some markers on it, so index is easy to create/update, so neither is a major plus for me… but I’ll go with it! What better excuse to get more notebooks 🙂

  7. @petebrown I use a bold rollerball and I’m always disappointed with most notebooks too. I’ve settled on using small artist sketchbooks. Love the weight of the paper and the freedom of no lines or grid.

  8. @jack for my combo of ink/nib at the time I switched there was a spectacular difference. Haven’t tested since. For me it’s like driving an Audi vs an Alfa Romeo. Both will get you there in style, but you’re pretty sure the Alfa, while tons of fun, will break something sometime.

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