This morning’s paper-crafting project, which Owen learned at school yesterday and taught me how to do.

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Reason number eleventy-billion to hate Medium

  1. Unsubscribe from all Medium emails.
  2. Click on a link that turns out to lead to a Medium post.
  3. Immediately begin receiving all the emails from which you had unsubscribed.
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I fear that the plan I am currently considering of drinking coffee at 4 in the afternoon is ill-considered and riddled with errors.
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Josh Marshall, on why we should stop talking about “norms”:

One reason that “norms” aren’t laws is that sometimes new or unique sets of facts create situations in which they do not or cannot or should not apply. But the problem with almost everything President Trump is doing today is not that he’s violating norms. The problem is that he is abusing his presidential powers to cover up his crimes and his associates’ crimes. Full stop. That’s the problem. The norms are just the orange rubber cones he knocked over when he drove out of his lane and headed for the crowded sidewalk.

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Nice day for a walk.

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I wish Apple Music had a toggle for “I’m an old person who is really only interested in albums, so please don’t show me anything else.”
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