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Fiona Voss:

Dave Winer says the internet is going the wrong way, and tech workers have a responsibility to get it back on course. Let's start by swearing off tweetstorms, and posting those thoughts on our own sites instead. Don't let Twitter own your epic wisdom.

I agree, but I see two problems with this plan.

First, while I believe everyone should have her/his own site, not everyone does. Moreover, not everyone can.

Second, while the functionality is there (mostly) on bloggish-type sites for responding and sharing, it tends to be much clunkier than what we’ve all gotten used to on Twitter and Facebook.

Then again, I guess I would imagine that web-smarts run higher than average amongst the people who tend to do tweetstorms, so perhaps my first concern is not that big a deal. Also, I am skeptical that @-replies and retweets have much actual value, so maybe objection number two is not a big deal either.

Either way, I still think Voss is right. Stop doing tweetstorms. Type them into a text editor instead, and Hey Presto! You’ve got a blog post! another weblog