I am watching a Twitter exchange from an online publisher I really respect pushing back on a bunch of random people complaining about adtech, and the whole thing makes me depressed. Adtech is mostly awful, but at the same time, it’s a bit hard to hear people complaining about it who have zero interest in paying for anything they read online.
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I just finished Christine Mangan’s Tangerine. It’s a pretty good book, as long as you don’t have a problem with unreliable narrators.
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Bill Callahan’s Dream River is an excellent album that I have not listened to in a while. Remedying that situation now.
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Walking in the woods

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I see we are in for another round of slathering praise on Bezos for banning PowerPoint in meetings at Amazon. PowerPoint is awful and should be banned everywhere, but this move is less a commentary on what a visionary Bezos is—by most accounts I’ve seen, he seems like a Type-A control-freak weirdo and his company is a poster child for inhumane work environments—and more about how broken and sad business culture has become.
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Drawing a skeleton

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While I’m sure my training had something to do with it as well, I mostly credit my 8:13/mile pace this morning to the fact that I was listening to this album from The Sword
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Woohoo! I just ran my fastest 10k ever.

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Lovely morning for a race…
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I have now listened to at least four different interviews with James Comey, and while I may wish that the 2016 election had turned out differently than it did (lordy, how I wish that), I am having an increasingly tough time faulting Comey for his decisions at the time that he made them. I also don’t buy the “He’s full of himself” conventional wisdom that seems to be getting directed out Comey from a bunch of different outlets.
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