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Federico Viticci, from his MacStories post “Erasing Complexity: The Comfort Of Apple’s Ecosystem”:

After a stressful 2017 that brought several new responsibilities in my life along with a persistent sense of overwhelmedness, I accepted the fact that I no longer tolerate any unwarranted friction in the technology I use. I understood that the busier I was, the less I wanted to remember the trade-offs I was imposing on myself by trying to fit ecosystems from competing tech companies around the iPhone and iPad. iOS has long been my platform of choice. However, by a combination of curiosity and fear of missing out, I spent the past few years adding layers of complexity (in the form of audio gadgets, set top boxes, web services, digital assistants, etc.) that almost kept me from enjoying the technology I had. Put simply: I tried too much, for too long, and it was time for a reset.

I am not nearly as deep into Apple’s ecosystem as Federico is, but what he says here rings true to me. I am reluctant to go all-in on a single provider’s services for fear of creating a massive single point of failure or of being locked in. At the same time, I am at the point in my life where the convenience of having a sizable chunk of my tech stuff in the same bucket is not nothing.

I think it is a matter of thinking about one’s priorities and understanding the risks and trade-offs. another weblog