The 4yo: “Hey, did you know that across the universe there are…”

The 7yo: “Other worlds?”

The 4yo: “Yeah.”

The 7yo: “Wow.”

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I have put the sleds and snow shovels away in the shed, which means we are sure to get a blizzard later this week.
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I am pretty proud of myself to be routinely turning in a sub-9-minute pace at reasonable distances.

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At the Y

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I think I am slowly figuring out every possible way to break WordPress via multi-site installation.
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Ah, the dulcet sounds of a wood-chipper running somewhere in the neighborhood.
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My god—every bit of this movie is dreadful. Every scene, every character, every line of dialogue.
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Twenty minutes into this Justice League movie and there is not a single about it that isn’t terrible.
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One would have been wise to bring in the recycling bins from the curb before it started pouring rain.
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